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October 12, 2007

Chapter 8: The Right Stuff & Chapter 9: This is not a test

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Friedman here compares the current situation to how America quietly lost its superiority in Basketball to other countries. Thus he tells us how America is losing its grounds in this flat world.

The Numbers gap: In 1957, Russia launched Sputnik. The US government (John F. Kennedy) motivated young people to take up science and contribute to the mission of manned space program for America. But today these engineers and scientists are retiring and the younger generation is not stepping into their shoes in sufficient numbers. At the same time, foreigners who used to make up the difference are either staying back home or are being kept out of America because of security reasons.

The Education gap: Most of the top students are children of recent immigrants. American students lack when it comes to applying mathematics to real-life tasks.

The Infrastructure gap: In the last few years, American government has changed its priority from enhancing infrastructure to unwanted wars. Japan today has cheaper and better connectivity facilities than America.


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