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October 3, 2007

Chapter 6: The Untouchables

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Friedman first explains the meaning of ‘Untouchable’. It is one whose job is safe in the future.

While Free Trade has not impacted the jobs of specialized or localized people, it has definitely impacted the jobs of middle class people. The new middle class ‘untouchables’ will belong to mostly following categories:

  • Collaborators: Those who can work globally and assist collaboration in marketing, sales, and management. e.g. middle management jobs for companies such as Infosys.
  • Synthesizers: Those who synthesize multiple subjects into one. E.g. Mashing together and google maps.
  • Explainers: Those who understand the complex situations but explain in simple.
  • Leveragers: Those who leverage technology to produce innovative solutions.
  • Adapters: Neither specialists nor generalizers but those who are versatile.

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