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October 2, 2007

Chapter 3: The Triple Convergence

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Friedman in this chapter tells us how ‘the Triple Convergence’ led to the today’s flat world.

Convergence 1: The first was the convergence of all ten flatteners to create a new, global and flatter playing field. Although the flattening effect started happening in the late 1890s but it was only around the year 2000 that these ten flatteners converged on such a scale that anyone could notice the change. Yes, everyone was not part of this flat world. But more people in more places were able to access this flat world.

Convergence 2: The second was merging of this new playing field with the new ways of doing business. These ten flatteners had been around for many years but the revolution required the emergence of large cadre of managers, innovators, business schools, IT specialists, and horizontal value creation processes that could take advantage of this flat world. It was then that ‘horizontalization’ started. It was then that world moved from top-down vertical collaboration to horizontal collaboration or control and command to connect and collaborate. For instance, a customer can not take advantage of a machine which combines e-mailing, scanning and printing functions unless he or she knows how to use it. That can happen only when customer and service provider collaborate horizontally.

Convergence 3: The third was the emergence of the third world country on the global stage. Now anyone from India, China and former Soviet Union can plug and play in this leveled field thus flattening the world further.


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