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September 26, 2007

Flattener #3: “Workflow Software”

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Giving an example of animation studio in US, Friedman lets us know how groups of people in different parts of world work together for a single project. As World Wide Web became popular, it became important not only to standardize the protocols but also to standardize the business processes that run on these protocols. This is this need of standardization that led to the distribution of sales, marketing, manufacturing, billing and inventory processes of an organization around the world. For instance, seeing the potential of PayPal, a C2C transaction solution, eBay bought it and used it extensively.

It started with the need of standardizing the communication between the different machines which led to the development of data description language: XML and the corresponding transport protocol: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Latest to join this endavor is AJAX, a technique to embed complex business applications into web pages. This enabled easy access to web based business tools such that one can run the whole company online. Microsoft joined this revolution in 2005 when it came up with business web versions of its two most popular solutions: Office Live and Windows Live.

This flattener was quieter in comparison to the first two flatteners but it played an important role in this globalization.


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