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September 26, 2007

Flattener #2: “1995: The new age of connectivity: When the web went around and Netscape went public”

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Friedman emphasizes on the role played by Tim Berners Lee in this globalization. It was his invention of World Wide Web that brought the life to the Internet. He clearly draws a line between Interent and WWW in this globalization. While Internet is nothing but a network of networks with cables and computers, WWW is the abstract space of information. WWW is a system for creating, organizing and linking the documents on the Internet. Lee came up with an addressing scheme, HTML and HTTP protocol to create this system.

Later, Netscape with its easy to use web browser started a dotcom bubble that required infinite demand for Internet usage and Internet Products. While the bubble was economically dangerous to many, this led to faster innovations and huge investments in fiber optics.

Fiber optical cables with its ability to carry more data with more security made the phone calls and internet usage cheaper. This led to the emergence of Bangalore and many such Kansas like cities around the world.

At the same time, Friedman lays the importance of standard protocols developed during this period. This includes: FTP, HTTP, HTML, SMTP, POP, SSL, TCP/IP that led the this new age of connectivity.


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