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September 26, 2007

Flattener #1: “11/9/89: The New Age of Creativity: When walls came down and Windows went up”

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Friedman dates back the first factor in Globalization 3.0 to 1989 when Berlin became the focal point of the changes in the attitude of the people. The fall of Berlin Wall brought with it the fall of Communism, the fall of Soviet Empire and the fall of physical and geopolitical barriers. The earlier years of 1990s is the time when the whole world became open to creative and new ideas.

In India, Manmohan Singh, who was the Finance Minister during this period, opened India’s economy to foreign institutions and helped India boom when she was running out of hard money. Trade controls were abolished and the whole world witnessed the rise of India’s growth rate from a mere 3% to approximately 7% in a short period of time.

Europe saw the emergence of power of Europen Union during this period. Euro was accepted as the unified currency of this union.

While the walls came down, the Windows went up. 🙂

With the success of Apple’s home computer, IBM PC was launched into the market in 1981. But it was the coming of popular version of Windown Operating System, Windows 3.0, that made this PC popular. While the fall of Berlin Wall broke the physical barrier, the popularity of Windows OS broke the barrier to the amount of information an individual can possess. It brought IAYF. (Information At Your Fingertips)


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