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September 26, 2007

Chapter 1: While I was sleeping

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Presenting the readers with different experiences in his life, the author presents the everyday work and life situations where people from different cultures, and countries collaborate to work for a common goal. Friedman compares Bangalore, India to Kansas, US in terms of the big corporations that have set their offices in these places. Mentioning how all knowledge centers have connected into a single global network, Friedman improvises the Columbus’s finding from ‘World is round’ to ‘World is flat.

Analyzing the events in the history, Friedman comes up with three eras of globalization:

1. Globalization 1.0: When different countries strived to increase their power and increase their area. This is the era of colonisation.

2. Globalization 2.0: When different companies expanded their business to different parts of the world. This is the era of MNCs.

3. Globalization 3.0: The present era, when even an individual can make a difference and contribute to any business at any place.

Globalization 3.0 was quieter in comparison to other globalization eras but it brought about the changes of same magnitude as the other too. In fact, the breadth and the speed of these changes is phenomenal in the current globalization era.

Presenting examples of outsourcing accountancy related jobs, radiology related jobs, journalism (Reuters) related jobs, the author says how cheap outsourcing of regular work can help corporations pursue research oriented tasks with more people and money.

Friedman amazes at the effort the people in Call Centers at India make to neutralize their accent and speak in an American way. At the same time, Friedman says that ‘what goes around, comes around’. The same call centers in India that shift jobs from US to India import the products manufactured from US.

Again he gives example of how a city in China, Dalian, has emerged as a Japanese Outscourcing city, even when China and Japan have been historic rivals. Friedman follows this with more examples:

  • JetBlue Airways Corp, a low cost Airline, using the cheap services of people working from home for booking air-tickets.
  • Using a small pilotless aircraft with a high power television camera in Iraq and operating and viewing it from different places.
  • e-tutoring
  • Blog Journalism

Friedman ends this chapter by comparing these events to fundamental shifts and inflection points in the mankind such as Gutenberg’s invention of printing press, the rise of nation-state, the Industrial Revolution, etc that led to changes in the business strategies, changes in the lifestyle and changes in the human thinking.


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